How to Prepare for a Short Notice Move in Florida

Prepare for a short notice move in Florida.

Life today is fast, and everything is on short notice. You’ve got to grab a chance by its tale when it presents itself. Sometimes, that means getting into a fuss of a major life change in a short amount of time. In those cases, you need to be able to adapt to new circumstances and go with the flow to reach your destination. So, today, we’ll talk a little about how to prepare for a short-notice move to Florida, to make this process at least a bit easier and more familiar to you.

Start collecting papers

Documents and paperwork are the most tedious part of any process (except if you’re a passionate accountant). However, you can’t change anything drastically in your life without reporting it to the state and other competent authorities. There are a lot of things going into last-minute house purchases. You need to take care of this part as soon as possible and not procrastinate with it.

If you’re moving out of Florida or from another state, you’ll need to prepare documents to get your new driver’s license or update your address. Selling property, as well as leaving a rental, requires a lot of paperwork. Also, take care of utility bills right away. You don’t want them to hunt you in the maximum heat of the later stage.

A signature.
Administration is the most tiresome yet inevitable part of every significant change in life.

You’ll need all the help you can get

Let’s get this one straight away – there’s no room for ego when moving on short notice. No, it does not mean you’re less competent to do everything by yourself. But, with a little time and a lot of things to do – you’ll need all hands on deck you can get. Keep in mind that you’re only human and that there’s no shame in needing help. Also, keep in mind that many people around you will want to help with getting through this without a nervous breakdown.

Contact movers right away

Depending on the time of the year, movers have more or less work. In spring, getting a hold of good and reliable movers is nearly impossible if you haven’t contacted them in advance. So, make sure to look for affordable options when finding cheap movers as soon as possible. A lot of movers raise their prices on moves on short notice, so you’ll have a better look at finding suitable and affordable help in the earliest stages.

Find a good real estate agent

Leaving one property behind and searching for another can be a nightmare when you’re on a timetable. Having an excellent real estate agent by your side can save the day and help you prepare for a short notice move in Florida. Since time is of the essence, they can save you a lot of it with their knowledge and skill. They already know the best and most affordable options and paths you’d want to take. It’s essential in this time that you don’t wander around clueless. A good Florida real estate agent can offer you:

  • deep knowledge of the market
  • narrowed options according to your preferences
  • a good strategy that will help you make everything on time
A real estate agent and a family.
A good and experienced real estate agent will save you a lot of time with their knowledge.

Let your friends help

With all the professional help with selling and moving, there will still be many things to do. While you’re running around the town, collecting papers, and looking for the right movers and real estate agents, the stuff at your home waits for you. That’s where your friends and loved ones step in. Ask your dear friends to help you declutter and rearrange things at home. It doesn’t have to be excessive work – a little weight lifted from your shoulders will mean a lot.

Declutter to prepare for a short-notice move in Florida

It’s not a coincidence that every decent guide for efficient moving has decluttering as one of its points. Decluttering is especially important when you’re moving on short notice. According to the moving experts at, it’s best to do a little bit of decluttering daily. If you let all the clutter wait for the last minute and moving day, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you won’t even know where to begin, let alone finish the process as expected.

Pack room by room

The wisest thing you can do in this kind of preparation is to do something as early and as efficiently as possible. A ”room by room” is a golden rule of packing. Some people start from their office. Others start from their bedroom. It would be best if you began where you have the most stuff you don’t use regularly. Label your boxes in different colors to know which box came from which room. This will ensure that your move is organized and that the only thing left on your moving day is sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the ride.

Prepare yourself mentally

However exciting the new future might be, moving, especially on short notice, can shock your mental state. It’s not easy to just sell your parents’ home and leave all the memories behind in a heartbeat. So, make sure that you prepare psychologically for this process too. Your friends can be the rocks you can lean on, and looking for support in your loved ones is always good. Also, it might be a good idea to seek a piece of professional advice. A good therapist can help you prepare for a major change.

Two friends laughing.
Some quality time with your friends can be great stress relief.

Bottom line

Besides the technical advice we gave you, the main thing you need to remember when you need to prepare for a short notice move in Florida is just to go with the flow. There are many things you can’t control in the process, and like a true Floridian, go where the sun’s rays take you and enjoy it along the way.

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