Top Eco-Friendly Features That Can Help You Sell Your Home

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As the world is evolving, the real estate market is keeping up. People have become more aware of ecological issues we’re facing, and it’s reflected in the buyers’ preferences. The modern buyer is a millennial that finds sustainability an imperative in a property. Having that in mind, there are certain eco-friendly features that can help you sell your home faster and easier. We gathered data from many experienced real estate agents to show you which features to focus on.

Efficient HVAC

A whole story about sustainability revolves around energy. So, it’s not a surprise that buyers want to make sure they make the most out of their available power. Cooling and heating parts of home installations are great energy consumers. So, to impress a potential purchaser today and sell fast, you need to ensure those features work as efficiently as possible. You can dedicate your time to thorough maintenance of your HVAC, or you can find a new way to get the old results. In both cases, you need to remember that buyers want their HVAC to be efficient so they can reduce a negative impact on the environment and save money.

A HVAC fresh air vent.
You can improve your old HVAC system and modernize it by adding a fresh air vent to it.

Geothermal systems

The rising stars of modern cooling and heating are geothermal systems. Geothermal systems can take advantage of the comparatively cold temperature of the ground to cool a house in the summer and the considerably warmer temperature of the earth to heat homes in the winter. All because ground temperatures stay relatively consistent in comparison to air temperatures. They are environmentally favorable principally because they may replace heating loads, the production of which is now dependent on the combustion of fossil fuels.

This kind of heating and cooling installation is much more costly than installing conventional HVAC systems, despite the fact that this way of heating and cooling is far more efficient. Installation involves a lot of drilling since it pulls heat from the ground and transfers it into your house. So, in the eyes of a buyer, finding a property that has already been converted with geothermal systems is considerably more desirable than doing it after the purchase (due to the high expenses involved).

Solar panels

Panels that collect the energy of a sun a turn it into electrical power made their boom when people realized they needed to do something about the climate change and financial crisis. Nowadays, customers choose to produce their own renewable energy sources rather than acquire them from the utility provider. Buyers are interested in properties that have residential solar systems installed since doing so is now much more cost-effective. Since Tampa has the right weather for it, solar panels can certainly pay off. It’s not uncommon for sellers to get cash offers for these features. Once considered an unusual and exotic addition to homes, solar panels are now quite ubiquitous eco-friendly features.

Saving water

Another issue that we’ve been aware of for quite some time now is water running out across the globe. The installation of high-efficiency toilets (HETs) in place of outdated toilets that are prone to leaking and wastewater is an excellent approach to it. It will save water expenses for both you and the person who ultimately purchases your property. According to the experts at, you may also create a sustainable splash by installing high-efficiency faucets and showerheads. These provide the same level of comfort and performance as traditional models but use significantly less amount of water.

Proper lighting

When you decide to sell, it is crucial to keep in mind that lighting is an essential component of a green home strategy. So take a moment to determine whether you will just replace your old incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights or completely overhaul crucial lighting fixtures. Consider adding dimmer switches so you can manage the energy used while also adjusting the lighting effects.

A light bulb.
Did you know? Incandescent light bulbs are huge energy consumers in a household. They individually use about 60 watts of energy and are one of the best eco-friendly features that can help you sell your home.

Efficient and energy-saving appliances

Properties equipped with appliances that have a high-efficiency rating are in great demand since they provide increased performance while using less energy. That’s why prospective purchasers often look for a little so-called Energy Star on the appliances they tend to buy. Not only do those appliances provide a more contemporary vibe to the rooms, but they also have the additional advantage of being eco-friendly. In any case, they certainly waste less energy than less efficient equivalents, which results in cost savings for the owner in the form of reduced utility bills.

Make sure you have them too

Since energy-efficient appliances save a lot of money, it’s not a bad idea to provide some for yourself after you sell and move. Some of them you may bring from your old property (after discussing it with buyers), and the rest you can buy once you arrive. It’s important to make sure your appliances arrive safe and sound in a new location. So, if you’re moving locally to Tampa, you might want to contact local movers and have expert help so everything will run smooth. 

Quality windows are one of the eco-friendly features that can help you sell your home

Of course, sustainability can be achieved with much more subtle improvements. So, consider replacing outdated, drafty windows with newer versions that are built with efficiency and a tight house envelope if your pre-sale budget permits. Many homebuyers may see brand-new windows as a fantastic environmentally-friendly bargain, inspiring fantasies of decades of savings on energy bills.

Windows as eco-friendly features that can help you sell your home.
Something as simple as replacing your windows can be a game changer.

Final thoughts

To successfully sell your home, you must keep up with the market. Incorporating some of these eco-friendly features that can help you sell your home is a step in the right direction. Take care of the planet, and the planet will return the favor in the form of a quick and prosperous sale of your property. Happy selling!

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