What Others Say…

During our time buying houses in the Bay area over the last several years, we’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people.  Here’s just what a few had to say about us. 
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Excellent! Closing was very quick and easy. I am very happy. Will definitely keep you in mind if I know of anyone else looking to sell.

-Linda Chappell

Your real estate company was not the first I contacted to sell my house. Two other companies reminded me of a car sales person. Lots of hype and no real substance. Your company is truly a marvel. I have never experienced such an efficient, professional, smooth running operation. This was quite apparent at all stages of the selling process for my home. I would highly recommend your company to any new client. I deeply appreciate your concern and the time and trouble your company went to on my interests

-Janet Cameron

Thank you for being patient through this hard time with our family. I will recommend you to others selling their house. Thank you.


I recently moved into my mother’s house and still had my old old place just sitting doing nothing. It was old and needed so much more than I could afford to do to it. After checking my mail I noticed a letter from Chris Logan who was inquiring about the property. I had received several before but was just not sure what to do. For some reason this letter got me and I made the call. WOW!! I was so comfortable talking to him and he was just so thorough in addressing all my needs. We got to business right away and I think what made me sure all was well was when my Title Company rep(Chris referred) was named Amazing Grace. A sign for sure that it would all work out and in less than 30 days I am happy to report we closed and my future has gotten a little better. I am now moving forward to adding a couple repairs to my mother’s house and..paying off her mortgage as well! Thanks Chris and Heather..this was the best and most comfortable experience. Never thought it would be…You are the best!!

-Joan Fisher

Chris, tomorrow (our closing) is the first day of the rest of my life. Your company provides a wonderful service and have been fantastic to work with! Being a 70 year old woman it can be hard to know who to trust. Through the whole process, your company didn’t treat me like I was just a 70 year old woman. They treated me with respect and kept all of their promises. So lucky that I found Rise Real Estate Group to buy my house. There is no way shape or form I could have repaired the house myself. Thank you with all my heart.
-PS. If you are working with another seller and they would like to talk with me directly to give them confidence and peace of mind to work with you – I have no problem providing my phone number and speaking with them. Thanks again for everything!

-Roxie Hartmann